Sunday, November 23, 2014

Update on Triumph Restore

Jake sent me an email with new pictures of the Triumph restore!

Following the final steps of wheel disassembly, we were still bothered by the rust on the inside of the front hub.  Unlike the outer rim, there appeared no good way to get in there and clean it up and now would be the time to do so.  Thus, we built the Evapo-Rust swimming pool from some leftover lawn edging, spare nuts and bolts and a 2 mil plastic drop cloth.  While not cheap, the plus side of Evapo-Rust is that it can be reused, so I made sure to keep the empty containers to funnel in the used liquid.  We'll need it to tackle the inside of the gas tank.  The downside is that every auto supply store that stocks it only stocks a single gallon.  Now we play the waiting game...

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