Thursday, October 2, 2014

Wednesday, This and That...

It was still cold and overcast on Wednesday morning. But the good news was it was dry and supposed to get up into the mid 60’s today.

I walked outside in the morning and the sun kept peeking through. Come on, sun!!!

I went to Time Out for lunch. One of the specials intrigued me. It was a 1/2 pound cheeseburger, topped with a fried egg. Now, I had read about putting fried eggs on burgers (it’s been hip for a couple of years) but never ate one. So, I ordered that and substituted the fries for a cup of shrimp bisque.

The shrimp bisque was pretty good, but I was comparing it to the Westborn lobster bisque and was not as impressed as maybe I should have been. But, think about it: a sports bar serving shrimp bisque? I should have been more thrilled.

A far as the burger went, I guess I was expecting the same results as when I slide my two eggs over-easy on top of the homemade corned beef hash at Lida’s Coney Island. I thought the egg yolk would make a delicious sauce, so I didn’t add any condiments. So, it was good, too, (damn good) but not quite what I was expecting.

Sidebar: For $6.99, I don’t really feel like I have any room to b*tch, LOL!

Going far afield: I forgot to mention this yesterday, but when I told Vicky I was going to Newburgh Grill and asked if she wanted to come along, she said “Sure, but you’ll have to eat my lunch.” I quickly agreed, interested in all things Puerto Rican.

It was a small dish (lunch, remember?) and I needed to use up the little steak and the last ear of sweet corn, so I didn’t eat it for dinner. But about 9:30 p.m., I was hungry again (hey, it was just a small steak and one lousy ear of corn), so I warmed it up and ate it.

She told me it was spaghetti and rice. WTF? Starch on starch? Who the hell does that? Crazy Puerto Ricans!

It was a big spoonful of homemade spaghetti on top of white rice. But, believe it or not, it was freaking awesome! Don’t even ask me why! It defies foodie logic.

I sent her a text apologizing for not bring in the empty container (I had it washed but left it on the counter when I went to work). I told her how much I like it but it was an odd combination.

She texted me back and said, “When I tell people rice and spaghetti is the best, I get a weird look!”

Then she said her mother Evy send me a dinner dish: Puerto Rican-style Mexican chicken enchiladas.

Okay, so I was confused! I had sent over Cajun Red Beans and rice and her mother said they were too spicy. I get the Puerto Rican versus Mexican thing: Puerto Rican's like seasoned, Mexican’s like spicy. So, what the hell are Puerto Rican-style Mexican chicken enchiladas gonna taste like???

I guess I will find out…

Back home after work, I treated Caley, changed clothes and then went outside. I had found the pressure washer wand (as I suspected, it fell behind the baker’s cart). I only had to move two motorcycles, the two Triumph wheels and the Triumph front forks to get it out.

I wanted to at least get the front of the house washed down. It’s supposed to be in the 70’s and dry tomorrow and I need that to dry out the indoor-outdoor carpet on the front porch.

So, I took down all my decoration, the hanging bird houses and the bird feeders on the porch rail. I dragged the hose out front and hooked everything up. I stood way back and tried it out.

Sidebar: Margaret has a similar little electric power washer. She warned me about standing too close. She bought hers to do her wood fence and, when she first tried it out, she blew a chuck of wood off it. So, I was a bit nervous.

I got the whole front and the south side of the garage done before it got too dark. First impression? It doesn’t look any cleaner than when I did it with the Windex. But it did blast the spider webs better, LOL!

I left the hose out, but put everything else away. I went inside and warmed up my dinner after sprinkling on the cheese she thoughtfully sent in a little container.

It was two enchiladas and that yellow rice and it was delicious! But, I was right. The seasoning was the same as the chicken, rice and pigeon peas I made a long while ago. Mild and flavorful, but nowhere near hot and spicy. If it were me, I'd drop the "Mexican" from the description and just call them Puerto Rican chicken enchiladas.

I watched some taped TV and then went to sleep.

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