Friday, October 10, 2014

Thursday, and the countdown to the weekend begins!

It was a little warmer and a little less windy on Thursday, but not by much.

I went to the Newburgh grille and got a gyro and a cup of beef vegetable soup. Then I went to Randazzo’s. Believe it or not, the last time I was at Westborn, I couldn’t find any rutabagas!  I’m not quite sure why. But Randazzo’s had them, so I bought two.

Back home after work, I ran through the usual routine. Then I went out in the garage and straightened up a bit.

Back inside, I made a quick call to my friend Leon. I was telling yet another guy at work about his (Leon’s) motocross bike back in the day and added my usual, “But I can’t remember what it was called.”

I was getting tired of that, so I called. He laughed and said not to worry. He’s had to go out to the barn and look at the name on the bike a time or two, himself.

I’ll probably get the spelling all wrong, but it was a British Rickman-Matisse with a German Zundapp 125 cc motor. It was the first motocross bike with a titanium frame. For a couple of years, it totally kicked the snot out of the Hondas and Suzuki’s until their technology caught up.

He bought it at the Triumph dealer (for a while they had Triumph engines in some of the Rickman frames).

So, now I wrote it down and, if anybody asks, I can look it up!

I cut up one of the rutabagas and cooked that as a side dish for another stuffed pepper. It was excellent!

I watched the first Red Wings game of the season. They looked pretty good and we won! Then I went to bed.


  1. I really like Leon. He knows Triumph is the only dealer that matters! Hooah.

  2. I thought about asking him for that bike, too. But I realized it was geared for motocross, with huge knobby tires and there was no way it could be converted to a street bike. I'm too damn old for motocross and I got that second artificial knee to consider...