Thursday, October 9, 2014

The Blustery Day…

I was watching the morning news when I heard about the lunar eclipse and the Blood Moon. So, I threw some clothes on and went out back.

Sidebar: I miss most of these astronomical events. It’s either cloudy or the city lights obscure the meteor shower (or whatever). But I could see the damn moon right out my bathroom window.

I had grabbed the camera and walked all the way back to the rear wall. I thought that would negate the neighbor’s shed light and the street lights on Inkster. And it did!

I set the camera to full zoom and took like 10 pictures without the flash. But, when I reviewed them on the camera every one was just a blurry red spot. Disgusted with my little point-and-shoot Kodiak, I started back to the house.

Just on happenstance (I do love that word), I turned around to look at it again. Then I took one last shot without any zoom. And that’s how I got the small photo I posted. Hard to see, I know, but it was amazing to look at it!

Back inside, I had to hustle. I toasted an English muffin and then did a taste-test. I spread one half with Smucker’s Blackberry Jam and the other with Courtney’s homemade Black Berry Jam. It was interesting (but only for a foodie, I guess). Hers had the seeds in it, so it tasted more like my Mother’s. But, here’s the odd thing. Courtney’s was made with half Splenda, half sugar (you need the sugar so it will set up, she told me). But for some reason, it tasted “sweeter” than the Smucker’s (made with just sugar). Interesting!

I left for work. It was sunny today, but cool and windy. I walked outside in the morning and it wasn’t bad.

I went to Time Out and none of the specials or the soup sounded interesting. So, I ordered a Reuben sandwich and fries. I chatted a while with Kristy, the bartender. She had taken last Friday off and I congratulated her, explaining what a mess the place was.

She told me I should have taken a video for her and I told her the next time I would.

Sidebar: I asked Ember, my waitress, how she made out on Friday and she was disgusted. She said she worked her ass off (and she did, I saw it) but only made $50.00 in tips. She couldn’t figure out why and neither could I.

When I left there, I went to the 24-hour grocery and bought two pounds of unsalted butter. Why? Because I went to get more butter out of the freezer and there was none there!

The afternoon walk outside was much more tiresome. The winds had really picked up after the cold front went through (the nightly news said 40 mph gusts) and, since I’m walking east and west between two buildings, it was funneled right at me.

Back at home, I put the butter away, treated Caley, changed clothes and started the Wednesday night wash.

The winds were stripping the black walnut of leaves (it looked like a snow shower, if snow was yellow leaves). In the back some of the maple leaves were coming down, even though they have barely begun to turn colors.

I took a picture for you, but it was a little blurry due to the wind.

I warmed up Evy’s Puerto Rican dish for my dinner. I’ve had all this before (I think). I’m not sure the salt cod I had previously was mixed with eggplant, but I have had the salt cod. And I had the fried green bananas at Yanessa’s first birthday party. So, tonight’s dish was familiar and very good.

My only observation is that the salt cod mixture was more salty than I remember and I like salt.

I hung up the shirts and pants and folded the rest of the laundry. Then I went in to watch some TV. I made it to 10:00 p.m., then went to bed.

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