Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The "Blood Moon" lunar eclipse from my backyard.

Be sure to click on photo to enlarge!


  1. OK, so if the first October full moon is the Hunter's moon and the lunar eclipse moon is the blood moon then was this a:

    a) Hunter's Blood Moon
    b) Blood Hunter's Moon

    The first sounds like the hunter was injured and the second sounds like vampires. Either way, it's weird. Also, should sailors and shepherds take warning?

  2. Auugh! So many questions that I have no answers for! I think they are two separate (but this time joint) events. i did hear on the news this morning that there was a period that lasted for years when there was NO Blood Moon, but this year and next year there are four! So, we're just lucky I guess.

    Unless a Blood Moon is considered bad luck, then we're screwed!

    Speaking of hunting, the weather would have been perfect to be up bow hunting. Cool enough to wear all the camo, but not cold enough to line the tent with hay and light a propane heater, LOL!

  3. Perfect! Less chance of it being a Hunter's blood moon.

  4. Wait a minute... I thought the first moon in October was the Harvest Moon? Did Van Morrison lie???