Sunday, October 5, 2014

Political Attack Ads

As I have repeated said in the past, I hate attack ads. This candidate or that candidate is always in the pockets of rich backers (well, duh! With millions you need to spend on getting elected to ANYTHING, of course there are rich backers). And I don’t care if its rich show business people for the Democrats, or hard-core businessmen for Republicans, it happens. That’s how our “democratic” process has evolved. More’s the pity…

Again, I say to candidates, tell me what your position is on shit that matters to me and I will decide who to vote for.

But, my new favorite is an attack ad on Mark Schauer.

Now, don’t get me wrong. No way in hell would I vote for him. I think Governor Granholm (and him) drove Michigan right into the toilet. That’s not my point. And I don’t care who you vote for.

But, what irks me is the new ads claiming that “Mark Schauer voted for Obomacare. In fact, Mark Schauer voted with the Democrats 95% of the time!!!”

Um, duh, he’s like, a Democrat!?!



  1. Yes, I agree....the other add that is driving me crazy is Terry Lynn Land and Peters.....In this case, the Democrats are really getting on my nerves.

  2. As I pointed out on Facebook, I have heard that attack ads turn off the majority of voters. I often have wondered if that was the point: To get the die-had Democrats and Republicans to the polls and keep the independent voters (with a mind) to stay home.

    As you know, I have watched the Roosevelt's series on PBS. I was struck by the fact that both Teddy and FDR toured the country by train, stopping at each little piss-ant town and telling them their platform. I liked that! Easy to pick a favorite!

    Now we don't have Town Meetings or even debates. Just stupid attack ads!