Thursday, October 16, 2014

Hump Day

It was cloudy and overcast on Wednesday.

I went to Time Out for lunch and got a bowl (yes, a bowl) of the ham and potato soup (instead of fries) along with the turkey club sandwich on special. Both were excellent.

I took a short road trip through Hines Park before going back to work. I took several pictures, but only posted the best two.

I went out back after work and refilled the bird feeder, the squirrel feeder and the suet cage. I checked the rain gauge and had just under 3/4-inch of rain in the glass.

I re-boxed the motorcycle parts into stuff that had to go into the trash and stuff that could go into the scrap metal bins at work. I loaded them up in the truck and will take them in Thursday morning.

Sidebar: I am seriously impressed and pleased with just how much more room I now have in the garage!

I started the Wednesday wash and then made a big sandwich for my dinner. I ate the sandwich with chips and olives again.

Note to self: It is definitely time for a McClure’s pickle run!

I watched the taped NCIS New Orleans and then read until bedtime.


  1. I'm glad you are able to have more space in your garage. I'm also glad we got the bike. Can't wait to ride it one day!

  2. Hopefully before you dump the parts, you have an inventory of what You (Jake) needs to replace.
    Carla, I'm glad you have the bike as well.

  3. @ Carla: Thanks! You will ride it, I'm sure.
    @ GPF: Oh, he knows. He's the one who sorted out what he wanted to keep.

  4. Hey! Do you still have the chain guard?

  5. I went out and checked the baker's rack. It's not there, so either you pitched it or it was not included. On a brighter note, I didn't throw away the rear sprocket you had in the garbage pile. I didn't know if it was a spare or another gearing for a dirt bike or cafe racer. But I thought I should keep it for you, just in case.

  6. Thanks. That was my attempt at a joke.

  7. @ Jake: LMAO! Too subtle for us old guys!