Tuesday, October 7, 2014


Two Foxes (wait for it)

Squirrel-proof (?) bird feeder


  1. You've got flying squirrels now, too? I'm always interested in the time codes. I wonder if they work in shifts.

  2. The next business venture if charging admission to your zoo but after 1:00AM.

  3. @ Jake: I had to stick the squirrel in. There was 217 videos I had to look at that were birds, squirrels, me spraying the back of the house, etc. But that one made me laugh.
    @ Carla: Good Idea! I could sell the squirrel peanuts to the spectators!
    @ Jake: About time codes. I had thought about that. I think that the foxes don't want to mess with the smelly skunk, and the skunk doesn't want to take on two foxes. So, they compromise.

    P.S. Using the bench as a (LOL) benchmark, did yo notice how big those two foxes actually are? Beautiful!