Saturday, October 11, 2014

Friday Follies

It was damn cold Friday morning, with frost in the outlying areas. And, it’s only supposed to get worse over the weekend. Sigh…

I still refused to wear a jacket. In my mental calendar, it’s not time yet. I’m a Michigander, dammit!

So, that made the morning walk outside, well, quick! I did take Vicky’s mother’s container back over to Vicky. I admitted I thought the salt cod was a bit saltier than the last time. She agreed. I asked her about the Bourbon Basted ribs and she said her mother, Evy, loved them!

However, she said, although the meat was moist and tasty (even after being reheated in an oven), she herself thought they were “too sweet.” She likes spicy ribs better. I told her so do I, but I wasn’t making them for me or her. I was trying to find a dish that her Mother didn’t think was “too spicy!”

Sidebar: So, Vicky’s mother Evy usually thinks all my food is too spicy, and Michelle in Facilities thinks my food is usually “too salty.” I can’t win!!!

But, I succeeded, sorta.

Sidebar, again: It’s taken quite a while, but I think I finally got all the people I share food with on board with critiques. I am not interested in platitudes (oh, that was wonderful!). I want an honest opinion. How else will I know how to tweak a recipe?

Not that it doesn’t cut me to the quick.

Sidebar: Jyl’s two sisters and her niece loved my ribs, back in the day. So, I will cling to that thought while I wolf the rest of them down!

Back at home, I changed clothes, treated the annoying loud cat and then started the weekend wash.

Then I washed the two toilets (hey, do I know how to celebrate a Friday/payday night, or what?)

I was going to cut the front lawn, but it already was getting dark and colder. So, I'll wait until tomorrow.

For dinner I ate the rest of the potato salad and two more ribs.

I watched a little TV, but turned in early.


  1. For the record, I love the ribs you make, too. I just can't eat anything made with apples without getting very, very sick. That's not a slam against your cooking.

  2. Thanks! Sorry you can't enjoy apples. That must be a real pain!!!