Tuesday, October 14, 2014

A Little Late Monday Post

I woke up early on Monday and tried to be quiet while I got ready for work. Jake and Carla had decided to stay another day and drive straight through, instead of leaving today and staying overnight in a hotel. So (hopefully) they were still sleeping.

I ended up leaving early for work (I ran out of quiet things to do) and got there at 7:00 a.m.

My friend Michelle from Facilities called and said she had a crock pot full of pumpkin soup and to stop over for lunch. I told her I was sorry, but I already had agreed to meet with Jake and Carla at Leo’s Coney Island for lunch.

So, I drove over to Leo’s through a light rain and we managed to satisfy their cravings for coneys.

In the afternoon, Michelle came over with a container of her pumpkin soup. She said everybody loved it, but she saved some for me. Thanks!

My boss had overheard me talking about Jake and Carla still being there, so when she got back from a meeting a little after 4:00 p.m., she told me to go home. So, I did.

Jake had already managed to pack the car with the motorcycle parts. It was sitting in the garage, so I parked my truck outside.

They were both excited to show me what they had accomplished. First was going to Anderson’s to try and find a screw to fix the guitar. That was unsuccessful, but the guy at Anderson’s told them to try Duke’s Hardware (my own source for old or odd plumbing parts). It took a while, but they finally got a screw that worked. So, my guitar was now officially a six-string again!

I forgot to mention Carla had tried out one of my soot sponges on a 3-foot x 3-foot section of the downstairs ceiling on Sunday. I was amazed at the results!

So, on Monday while I was at work, they cleaned the soot off the entire downstairs ceiling, the little hallway and the kitchen ceilings! Now all I have to do is wash it with the TBS, and paint it white again. Thanks, guys.

Sidebar: I imagine they were just tired of me whining about the damn soot.

I was wondering at work about what to make for dinner, as I hadn’t taken anything out. But, they had picked up some cold cuts, cheese and bread, so we had sandwiches, with chips and olives, for dinner.

After dinner, we played a game of Scrabble with the usual result: Jake creamed us both and Carla creamed me. God, I love Scrabble!

Since it was the night before garbage pickup day, Carla “helped” me by going through the fridge and throwing away everything with a suspect expiration date on it.

We all went to bed early as they planned an early departure Tuesday morning. I read for a little while and then gave up when I got sleepy.

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