Friday, September 12, 2014

Then it was Thursday…

The weather report at 5:30 a.m. Thursday said it was cold and cloudy, but there was absolutely no more rain. And, yes, it was cold and cloudy, but I drove through light drizzle all the way to work.

I walked over two containers (one white rice, one the red bean mixture) to my Facilities friend and fellow foodie, Michelle. She wasn’t there, so I left it in her fridge and left her a voice mail, letting her know it was there.

I stopped in at Time Out for lunch and got their “Chicken Catalina” special. It was a grilled chicken patty, covered with provolone cheese and topped with diced tomatoes. The side dish was potato salad (which they do well).

I was joined (briefly) by a friend and (recently) ex-coworker, who stopped in to say hi. She was lucky, as I had almost went to Ten Yen. She just had a glass of water while we chatted about her new job. Then we hugged, she left and I finished my meal.

I only had one meeting in the afternoon, so life was good!

Facilities Michelle called me back, thanking me, but said she’d brought sushi, so she would be trying it tomorrow. I asked her for a full report!

Sidebar: I forgot to tell her about hot sauce, but it’s damn good without it.

Back home after work, I started an extra wash. I had noticed some mildew on the downstairs shower curtain, so I washed it in some laundry detergent and bleach. I threw in some kitchen towels that were getting dingy. You need a little something, something to bang against the mold, you see.

I went out back and harvested three scrawny Italian tomatoes (not that I needed them, but I was just checking on the garden). My neighbor Rick saw me (I didn’t see him) and walked over to the fence and gave me a handful of his big, beautiful tomatoes. He laughed and said, “I see the skunk got you again this year!”

I said, “Yeah, I got skunked!” We talked a bit about his new woodshed and then made our goodbyes. On the way in, I dumped the rain gauge. It’s supposed to rain again Friday night/Saturday morning and I want to give you an accurate account.

Inside, I put the dish towels in the dryer and hung up the wet shower curtain. Then I heated up a big bowl of red beans and rice. I topped it with hot sauce and dug in.

I watched a couple of taped shows and then switched to reading until bedtime.


  1. I hope her new job is working out as she had hoped. It also sounds like you had a productive day. Happy almost weekend!

  2. It would appear its not going as well as planned. They completely replaced the entire IT department, including the Director. So, her training came from a person who had not actually done the job, but by a person who had a couple days training from the one who got laid off.

    And, the department is all in cubes, including the Director, who sits right behind her...

    She's a little rattled...

    As far as the weekend goes, THANK GOD!!! We have had quite the transition phase without her. Nobody know anything and they pester her with texts all day long...

    Whether by happenstance (I love that word, BTW) or design (job security?) she never explained about half of what she did to me, so I can't help.