Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Monday, Monday…

(Can’t trust that day!)

I woke up several times after my midnight rambling, but finally for real at 5:30 a.m. with the alarm.

It was the last repeat “perfect day” here in Southeast Michigan as a cold front is finally moving in with probable light rain.

I called the landscape company to remind them today was the last cutting for this year. I also told them I don’t want their leaf service. You have to do that or they do it automatically and bill you for it.

I went to the Big Boy at 6 Mile and Newburgh and got my favorite, veal parmigiana with a Caesar side salad.

I got home after work and noticed the front yard was cut. It only demonstrated just how many leaves had built up in the driveway. I decided I better try and remove them before the rain falls.

So, I treated Caley, changed clothes and was going outside when I looked out the kitchen window. My swings were all hooked together! WTF?

So, I went out back. Lawn guys must have put them together so they could cut easier. Did they forget to untangle them or just not give a sh*t?

On the way back up front, I saw the gate was left open, too! Now I was getting p*ssed. When I went to shut the gate, I saw they only made one pass on the side lawn. Damn! I noticed the quality of the lawn cutting this year sucked, but this is the worst I’ve ever seen!

Wait a minute, the time they ran the mower into the shed wall and punched a couple of holes in the wood siding was the worst I’ve ever seen now that I think about it!!!

I will remember this next time I need a lawn service.

Anyway, I tried the cordless blower, first. After I wore down two batteries and still hadn’t really touched the leaf pile, I gave up and got the electric blower and the 100-foot cord. I blew all the leaves out to the road, then down the road and into the vacant lot next door.

Back inside, I warmed up another small steak and an ear of sweetcorn for dinner.

I watched a 1939 Errol Flynn movie called Dodge City on TCM and went to bed when it was finished.


  1. I was never super impressed with their quality but I put up with it for the price.

  2. Our Monday wasn't great either so I took Monday's off the calendar...problem solved!

  3. If you put the leaves on the lawn next door, won't they just blow back over (Next big wind)

  4. @ Jake: This seemed more deliberate.
    @ Carla: You can do that? Your powers are growing, my Lady!!!
    @ GPF: No, not really. 1.) the vacant lot is just bush-hogged, so its about 8-inches tall. 2.) The lot is directly south of me. Since the wind is primarily from the west, if they do blow anywhere, they blow across the street.