Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Labor Day Weekend, Day Two

So, I woke up at almost 11:00 a.m. on Sunday. I was mortified! But, I filled in the blog and reassured my readers that I was still alive.

Sidebar: I spend a lot of time, assuring folks I am still alive. Why? Because they haven’t seen me at Time Out? Go figure…

La casa del San José was hot and humid.

I got shaved, showered and dressed and headed out for some errands.  I went to Kroger’s and was astonished at how busy they were. But I was in and out, buying a few missing items in my pantry and my Labor Day cookout menu.

Next I hit up Westborn for a cantaloupe (I been jonesing about that), more grated Parmesan[JG1]  and five ears of sweet corn, (they were 13 for $1.99, but I let the checkout girl figure it out). No way could I ever eat 13 ears of sweet corn.

I stopped and filled up the truck’s gas tank. It’s been a while but I was still surprised at how much that cost!

Sidebar: I completely forgot to bring along my two gas cans. The landscape company has already hit up my credit card for September, but I want to stop the service after that.

Back home, I changed clothes after treating Caley. I went outside to do some late-summer gardening.

First I cut all my iris down to about 1/3 their height. Why? I dunno, but my Mother always did. And she was a “Master Gardener” before they even coined that phrase.

Then I checked on my two mums. When I was at B___’s, I was struck by the fact that his were already blooming. Now my Mom always claimed my gardens were three weeks ahead of hers in the spring. So, I assume that is true in the fall as well. Sure enough, one of them was just starting to bloom.

Hello, Fall!

I went out back and started the tractor. The grass was long enough to check if I have got the deck level.  So, I drove up and down, put the mower away and then studied the cut. It damn sure looks level!

It was getting dark, so I buttoned everything up and went inside.

I was severely tempted to grill my Labor Day dinner. But I resisted. Instead I warmed up a can of Hormel chili. I sprinkled it with sharp cheddar cheese and ate my dinner watching TV. Then I went to bed.


  1. I can say that if you don't cut down the irises (irsiis?) then those parts just die anyway during the winter and it's annoying to dig that crap out in the spring.

  2. True. But, I thought there was more to it, like "That way, more energy goes into the bulbs, rather than the leaves..."