Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Labor Day Weekend, Day Three

I woke up at a much more realistic time on Monday. I cut a wedge out of the cantaloupe and ate that for breakfast. It was great!

I did the Sunday chores this morning. Then I went and watered all the container gardens outside. It was still hot and humid, BTW. But, it was pleasant enough that I grabbed a book and read on the front porch for a long while.

Back inside, I did the weekend wash. While I was killing time, I cleaned off and rearranged the remaining shelves in the downstairs room.

I noticed my neighbor had put some veggies on the fence. So I went out and retrieved two butternut squash and a bag of tomatoes and hot peppers.

I started the charcoal a little later than I should, because it rained just afterwards and drowned out the coals! I waited until the rain stopped, dumped that charcoal in the grille and started another batch.

This time the rain gods smiled on me and let me grill my sweetcorn, a package of brats and my T-bone steak. When I took the steak off, I put two pats of butter on it and a handful of crumbled bleu cheese, then let it rest.

I ate half the steak and an ear of corn for dinner. Both were excellent!

I watched some TV, but went back to my book and the recliner until bedtime.


  1. Sounds like a productive weekend! Any thought to putting fence around the garden next year?

  2. Thought about it, but seems like overkill for a few tomatoes.

  3. I like you and Rick's food exchange method!

  4. See if Rick could put some veggies on my fence too!!

  5. @ GPF: LOL! I wasn't that impressed when they first moved in, but they have become dear friends (and a valuable source of fresh veggies!)