Saturday, September 6, 2014

Friday Finally Dawns…

And it was HOT!

I kept the A/C on and the windows up on the way into work (I usually do it the other way around).

I walked outside at 10:00 a.m., but my armpits regretted it.

I went to Time Out for lunch and got my usual Friday fish and chips. As I think I have said before, I always eat in a sort of an alcove to the left of the bar with four tables which is the only place they have normal chairs. So, today, I was joined by a Hispanic guy and five Hispanic women. I have seen the guy before (he always orders a turkey and Swiss sandwich with fries) so we exchanged pleasantries. Then they all commenced to speak Spanish.

When my order came, he asked me if that was fish. I said, “Yes, it’s cod and very good.” Then they all went back to Spanish.

Now, as you know, I prefer not to eat with co-workers (I hate spending the only time I have to take a break from work, talking about work), but I wished I had Vicky with me. Just so I would know if they were commenting about my chewing or how I should have used my napkin! Just paranoid, I guess…

I walked outside at 3:00 p.m. and my armpits liked it less! It was 92 degrees and humid.

I got home and in the house long before the storms they had predicted (thank God), but they did come.

So, again, it was high winds, thunder and lightning and hard rain. I’ll check for storm damage in the morning.

I watched a little of it from the kitchen window while I made dinner. I warmed up the last of the brats and the last of the butternut squash. I used Dijon mustard on the brats and butter, salt and pepper on the squash. Both were excellent.

I checked the TV menu and saw a couple of promising shows I set to tape. But I had nothing already taped that jumped out at me. So, I move to the living room, the recliner and my book and read until bedtime.

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