Saturday, September 13, 2014

Finally Friday (and, yes, I say that a lot...)

Okay, I admit it, I wimped out. I woke up during the night and was FREEZING! So, I went out and turned the thermostat to “Heat” before I went to the bathroom.

There goes my next month’s utility bill…

So, as you might guess it was cloudy and cold here in Southeast Michigan. There was a breeze, but the wind wasn’t bad. I should have expected this, but somehow I believed that, since summer sucked this year, fall might be BEAUTIFUL!

Sidebar to my dear Brother Carl: Please don’t tell me I have “six more weeks” of summer! My driveway and front lawn are covered with fallen leaves from the black walnut tree! It’s over, man…

Needless to say, my walks outside felt “brisk.” I guess I should dig out my jacket.

Back home after work, I paid some bills online (it was payday) and then fooled around on Facebook for a while.

I ran the dishwasher after warming up more red beans and rice for dinner.

I was unimpressed with the night’s TV menu and uninspired with my taped shows, so I read until bedtime.

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