Monday, August 4, 2014

We're Dealing with Several Species!

So, I'm getting this sorted out! There is not one, but two foxes (yes, that one shot turned out to be a fox).

I also got a late night visit from the skunk.

But this still doesn't explain the black cat my neighbors saw, the one I saw and the one that was sleeping on my hood!


  1. I was right...a fox! I'm so foxy!!

  2. Was that not a cat in the last mystery cat update?

    And yes, you are foxy.

  3. Yes, so there is a large black cat, two foxes and skunk and (not caught on camera) a possum and the groundhogs. I got a freaking zoo, here!

    And yes, Carla is foxy...

  4. Maybe you should invite Charlie down to get some furrr.

  5. Hell, I'm thinking about gettin' some my own dang self!