Saturday, August 2, 2014

Mystery Cat Update (sorta)

I promised myself I would wait until Monday morning to check the Game Trail camera, but I couldn't wait!

So, after my Saturday errands, I went out to check on the raised bed vegetable garden. On the way back in, I gave in and pulled the disk. I stuck it in the computer and checked. I had over 60 videos.

Most of them involved squirrels.

Some of them were birds. The one I saved involved a bird and then my woodpecker.

I even caught myself on the lawn tractor (even though I tried to be discrete).

But I only had one "cat" video. I was momentarily excited until I realized this was NOT my mystery cat. Not only is this cat too small, but the ears are all wrong. I'm guessing this is a neighbor's cat who was attracted to the can of tuna fish I used for bait.

I was bummed, until I remembered that most of the sightings have occurred on the weekend (which has led me to revise my original idea). This is still probably an exotic cat, but not necessarily a homeless one. It may be its owners let it loose on the weekends. I dunno...


  1. Nice detective work. Those images are pretty clear.

  2. I keep looking at the cat... Maybe it is the one?

  3. If you have not moved the camera and it is still in video mode, walk out there and hold a tape measure up to that tree at the distance he was probably at. It's hard to get an idea of his height behind those green plant things.

  4. I did that. I'll check on Monday morning. But, to give you a sense of scale the top of the lily if the valley (those green plant things, as you call them) are 13 inches up from the ground where the cat was standing.