Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Day Six – Farm to Table

Tuesday was an easy day in SC! Jake went to work and Carla went to a morning appointment, so Whiskey and I just chilled.

Well, we would have chilled, except they were re-roofing the house next door and Whiskey did not like that at all…

I eventually shaved and showered. Carla eventually came back. And we left for the local farmer’s market at 2:00 p.m. when it opened.

It wasn’t huge (about the same size as the one near me). But it was mostly local farmers, offering everything from honey and goat cheese, to home-raised meat and, of course, vegetables.

We ended up getting more tomatoes, some cucumbers, a box of plums that looked delicious, two types of cheese spreads (for crackers) and three small eggplants.

Back home (and back in the role as sous chef) we started making panzenella (it’s an Italian bread salad). Carla cut her remaining fresh bread from Whole Food into crouton-sized chucks and toasted them in the oven. I cored and seeded some of the new tomatoes and cut them into one-inch pieces. They were salted and left sitting in a colander to drain out the tomato water.

I sliced up a shallot and rough-chopped a good amount of basil while Carla sliced up a seeded cucumber.

Carla make the dressing from the tomato water, some extra virgin olive oil and red wine vinegar. When the croutons were cool, everything got assembled and tossed in the dressing. That we left on the counter to get happy while we made bacon in the oven.

[pretend there’s a picture of the panzenella here]

We toasted six slices of bread in the oven while the bacon cooked. Carla sliced up her heirloom tomatoes and ripped up some lettuce.

Sidebar: I got fired three times from my sous chef job during this process. But, I told her I’d at least work through the end of my shift.

Jake came home about that time and we assembled our dinner: BLTs with Better Made Chips and the panzenella.

[pretend there’s a picture of a BTL and chips on a plate here]

It began to thunder and then rain (hard) here during dinner. At one point there was so much water in the back yard it was running down the side lawn and into the street like a white-water river!

We watched some taped shows and then another horror movie before bedtime.


  1. RE: " I got fired three times from my sous chef job " you never could hold a job.....could you? Sorry Carla, next time invite me...I can cook.
    Love, UC

  2. I'm thinking about taking you up on that offer! XO But don't tell Dad!

  3. Oh, I see how it is! Stabbed in the back (with a Wustoff knife, probably) by my own kin!!!