Friday, August 15, 2014

Day Eight – Relaxing (Again!)

Thursday was even milder in the morning. I read on the patio in the morning and noticed, after a bit, I was getting chilled. Then it hit me! Oh, no, my blood is thinning!!! Will I turn into my daughter, Melissa, and be unable to stand Michigan weather??? I gotta go home before its too late!!!

Carla had some things to do, so she dropped me off at Julia’s Stammtisch, a German restaurant that's a big hit with the Army. Not too surprising since most of the Army personnel spend at least some of their deployment in Germany.

Julia is a little old German lady with a heavy accent, BTW.

Jake showed up and we ate a remarkable lunch. First came a German-style salad. This salad is served on a bed of lettuce and consists of marinated beets, green beans and cabbage and a tomato to top it all off with.  Drizzled over everything is Julia's secret dressing.

Jake ordered the Weiner Schnitzel (a huge veal cutlet, lightly breaded and served with a slice of lemon) For his side dish, he chose the German potato salad.

I chose the beef roulade (a lightly spiced beef roll filled with onion, apple-smoked bacon and a tart pickle wedge, with a bowl of warm red cabbage). I, too, ordered the side of German potato salad. I wish now I’d picked the spatzle.

Why? Because we both agreed that “real” German potato salad doesn’t taste like our American version at all. It’s much more bland. Good, but once you’ve had Carla’s (or even my own), it’s a little boring…

Carla came back and got me just after the meal was over and Jake went back to work. We went home.

I tried to take a nap, but for the first time, it seemed to bright outside (or something).

So, I got back up after 30 minutes or so. Carla was making the marinade for tonight’s dinner (parsley, garlic, lemon juice, crushed red pepper flakes, olive oil and anchovies) in the food processor. She put that in a big baggie and added six lamb chops.

We let that get happy until just before Jake’s arrival. Then I fired up the gas grill. This time I managed to get good grill marks and cooked them until an instant read thermometer said they were 145 degrees inside (perfect medium rare).

Back inside, I peeled and sliced three small, but beautiful eggplants (from the Farmer’s Market). Carla dunked each slice into whisked eggs, then flour and set them in the oil we heated in a skillet.

I watched them and turned each batch over when golden brown. Then they went onto a rack in a sheet pan where I seasoned them with just Kosher salt. The sheet pan went into the warm oven to await the next batch.

Jake had come home and put away the grill. So, when all the eggplant was fried, we sat down to an excellent meal.

The lamb was excellent! The eggplant was delicious, too.

Note to self: Next time you make eggplant, get two small ones instead of one big one. The smaller ones have less seeds!

The kitchen was clean and we went into the living room to play a game of Rummicube. I was a lot closer to winning (only one cube left) but Carla won. Oh well, at least it wasn’t like the Scrabble slaughter.

We watched some TV, but I went to bed at 9:00 p.m. Without my nap, I was beat!

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