Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Damn, it’s Monday again

It was finally warm here in Southeast Michigan. Walking outside at work in the morning was uncomfortable. Walking in the afternoon was brutal (88 degrees F. and high humidity).

I went to Time Out for lunch and got one of the day’s specials: “The Classic Cheeseburger.”  Never saw that one before, so I tried it. It was a 1/2 pound burger with sautéed onions and American cheese with fries. It came with a pickle, lettuce and tomatoes on the side. I added just the lettuce and ate the dill pickle as a palate cleanser. It was delicious, but it gave me pause when I couldn’t eat even half the fries (and they make good fries). Why it is that restaurants these days typically give you more food than you can possibly eat?

I don’t mean just Pub grills, but even Chinese restaurants. At Ten Yen, I am about full after the Won Ton soup and the egg roll.  I doubt that Chinese people typically eat that much food at one sitting. So, why does every restaurant give you such giant proportions? Do they all think American’s are pigs? I dunno…

My eye doctor’s office called in the afternoon and told me my bike glasses came in. I told them I would pick them up on Tuesday at lunch.

On the way home it was sprinkling and I was happy. My yard could use a good soaking. I listened to the weather on TV at home and they kept talking about heavy, soaking rains in St. Clair Shores. Even my NORAD weather center was going berserk about flooding rains. But, here in Redford, it was still just sprinkling… Dammit!!!

I took the last harvest of green beans and blanched them. Instead of sticking them in the freezer, I stuck them in a jar of leftover McClure’s pickle juice. So, I should have refrigerator pickled green beans in a few days.

I had to go up into the attic and it was so hot, I couldn’t breathe.

I had accumulated enough dirty dishes to run the dishwasher, so I did. By 7:00 p.m., the sprinkling has stopped and the sun was out again.

I called my friend B___ and checked in. I warmed up the shrimp scampi with linguine for dinner.

I stayed awake long enough to watch the final episode of Longmire this season. I ha to watch it live, but I couldn’t wait.


  1. I'd kill for 88, bud.

  2. As a Southerner *ptoo* ... *ting*, our winters is eighty eighty degrees uphill both ways, you Yankee yella bella son of a lovely woman!

  3. ...and we ain't so good with words neither!