Thursday, July 3, 2014

What Day Is It?

It was cloudy Wednesday morning. It was supposed to get up to 80 degrees, though, so I left the windows down an inch in the truck.

Naturally, it rained. But, it only lasted about five minutes and was mostly sprinkles so, no real harm done.

I went to Ten Yen at lunch, but this time I changed the menu. I got their Almond Chicken and (gasp) egg drop soup! I remembered afterward why I don’t order this. WAY too much food! It was good, but I was full about halfway though.

I had to drop off that dowel after work. Wes had told me that he had extended the street and built homes on it (I gathered he is or was a builder) but that his was the only one that looked old. He said he designed and built a Craftsman-style house for himself.

When I got to the short street, I found he was right. The other homes were big (really big!), modern two story homes. His was big, but did look old. I took a picture from the truck and, if you look close, you can see the detail. He really is a woodworker!

He wasn’t there (he said he probably wouldn’t be) but his brother-in-law was in the driveway, vacuuming out his SUV. He wanted to call Wes, but I said there was no need. I had to explain myself all over, but I finally gave him the dowel and told him Wes knew all about it.

His house was just south of 8-Mile, between Merriman and Middle Belt, just inside Livonia. So, I didn’t get home until 6:00 p.m.

I treated the cat, changed clothes and started the Wednesday night wash.

I was still full from lunch, so I went out back and picked some lettuce. Please note: the salad bowl is getting away from me. It’s growing faster than I can eat it!

I felt the dirt in the salad bowl and it was dry. So, I watered all the container gardens and the mailbox garden with my trusty milk jug.

Back inside, I washed the lettuce, spun it dry and then made a big salad for dinner. I ate it while I watched the tail end of the Nightly News. There was nothing really interesting on regular TV, so I watched taped shows until bedtime.


  1. Cool house. Looks like those ones they used to do in the NE on the old, old This Old House.

  2. I know! What's impressive is its really a new house. I question his choice of setting, though. I'll that a photo of the houses its siting next to when I pick up the dowel. Looks, well, odd.