Friday, July 18, 2014

Thursday's Tale

It was cool again waking up on Thursday, but it was sunny. The temperature rose quickly though the day and we ended up with a high of 78 degrees F.

I went to the Newburgh Grill and got a small Greek salad for lunch. Then I walked down to CVS and got a birthday card and wrapping paper for Yanessa.

I ran into a weird problem in the afternoon. We just recently opened a satellite office in Germany. One of the rules for operating in Germany is that you have to buy the IT equipment in Germany. You can’t ship it over from here (or any other country). I guess it’s their version of “Made it America.”

So, we found a German website to buy some laptops and a printer from. I got all the way through “checkout” when it wouldn’t let me enter my corporate credit card number. It seems they will only take German credit cards as well!

After work, I hooked up the soaker hose and watered the raised bed vegetable garden, after tying up my tomato plants. I grabbed another catnip plant for Caley.

That smashed-down spot in the wild garden was getting bigger, but there were still no discernible tracks. So, I raked all the edges again. I was quite frankly puzzled why whatever is lying there has not set off the motion-detector spotlight. Then it dawned on me: I was going by eye-witness accounts that the “giant” cat was lying on the south sidewalk. So, I assumed that it was going from there to the backyard. But, if it lives in the back of the vacant lot next door (a good guess) and comes to my wild garden from the west, it might be just far away enough that the motion detector doesn’t pick it up. Or, I might be asleep at that exact time…

Back inside, I presented the catnip to Caley. As usual, I was disappointed. She just sniffs it, rolls on it once or twice and then walks away. Scruffy used to eat half of it, then roll on it and act crazy the rest of the night. Let's face it. Caley is boring!

I set up the kitchen table as a photo studio and took pictures of the completed project. I will be able to post them on the Blog Saturday night. Then I took the box I got and tried to fit the present inside it. It fit (sorta) with bulges here and there. It bows out in places, but at least it’s hidden.

I covered it up with “Hello Kitty” birthday wrapping paper. I know, I know, she loves Sesame Street, but CVS didn’t have any.

I warmed up some vegetable soup for dinner.

My daughter Melissa called and caught me up on the house renovations. As with any old house, one thing leads to another and they’ve got their hands full right now.

While I was on the house phone with her, my cell phone rang. So, after we hung up, I checked. It was my Brother Carl, so I called him back. He said it was too late and he’d talk with me tomorrow. At least nobody’s dead…

I watched the taped episode of the Night Shift. I was sad to learn it was the season finale. Then I went to bed.


  1. Night shift will be back...that's the good news

  2. True! I suppose I can wait...