Friday, July 4, 2014


It was chilly, bordering on cold, Thursday morning! The weatherman said that a cold front had moved through and he wasn’t kidding.

It was a busy morning at work. I went to lunch with Vicky. Since she got promoted and moved next door, we haven’t had much time to chat. So, I got caught up on all things Yanessa.

Things slowed way down at work in the afternoon. Lots of people were on vacation and lots more took off at noon. Eventually, my boss took me aside and told me to go home. It was 4:30 p.m. by then, but I appreciated the gesture!

Since I had some time, I got to work after changing clothes. I got the lopping shears and went way out back to the rear garden. I trimmed all the bushes and the flowering plum tree. The raspberries I transplanted a couple years ago look like they are going to bear fruit this year, which is nice.

On the way back, my neighbor called me over to the fence and we chatted for a while. He had replaced his pool liner and was filling it up. He said he would turn the heater on Friday morning, so it would be ready for their annual Fourth of July party.

His wife Tammy came over and together they issued my annual invitation for the party: Fireworks, bonfire, barbeque (including Tammy’s famous pasta salad) and karaoke. I told them I wasn’t sure what I was doing, but would definitely come if I got the chance (I won’t – I never do).

Sidebar: I don’t need to. I can hear the whole thing from my bedroom, watch the fireworks from the kitchen window and Tammy usually brings me a plate of leftovers the next day.

Back inside, it was still early, so I started dinner. I got out the Dutch oven and put a bag of sauerkraut in it. Then I cut up a rope of kielbasa and put that on the sauerkraut. I topped that with the rest of the baby red potatoes I had boiled. I brought that to a bubble (as they say in England) then turned it down to simmer. I put the lid on and walked away.

I got on the computer and paid some bills, adjusted my check register and started work on the weekend ToDo list.

When the potatoes were warm and the sausage cooked, I fixed a plate. Excellent cool-weather dinner!

I watched a fascinating documentary on the Dark Ages in Europe on the History channel. Then I watched a taped DIY show and finally went to bed.

Before I did, though, I opened the bedroom window, thinking the cool air would be great for sleeping. I’ll never know, because after 30 minutes of listening to people setting off fireworks, I shut the window so I could get some sleep!


  1. ToDo list... sure...

  2. P.S. Since Google moved to having us translate (what I assume to be) Street View addresses, it's much easier to comment.

  3. re: "I fixed a plate. Excellent cool-weather dinner!" strange language for the 2nd of July.

  4. @ Jake: Good to know. The main complaint I hear about the blog is people trying to comment!
    @GPF: Be that as it may, it was chilly last night!