Sunday, July 27, 2014

Saturday's Story

Well, it didn’t rain overnight. And they have downgraded the forecast from heavy rain and thunderstorms to scattered rain in the afternoon on Sunday. Looks like I’m gonna have to jack up my water bill!

I woke up way earlier than I wanted too, but couldn’t fall back asleep. I think I see a nap in my future…

I eventually got shaved, showered and dressed and headed out for the morning errands. First stop was a haircut. Then I gassed up the truck, hit Kroger’s and finally Costco.

I was back home at 11:30 a.m. I put everything away and then took a walk in the yard. In front that one rosebush Carl recommended (I still can’t remember the damn name) is looking much healthier. That dust must have done the trick! Also, Anne’s rose has three new blooms and the Tiger Lilies are blooming.

In back, I turned off the game trail camera and took the disk inside. I’ve posted the results.

Back outside, I hooked the garden hose to the soaker hose after checking out the vegetable garden and found it dry as dust! However, I did see I had two fat cucumbers. I wish I’d seen them earlier and picked them!

I decided to see if I had enough leftover building materials from the shed to see if I could make a dog house (well, a cat house). I knew I’d screwed one sheet of the exterior plywood to the shed wall. So, I dug everything out and tried to unscrew it. Nope! Found I had torn up the heads of the phillips screws. I tried everything , but ended up tearing it off with a pry bar.

And, it was a good thing I did! “Something” (I suspect a commercial lawn mower) punched a hole in the wall. Would have been the perfect opening for rodents, come this winter. I used Liquid Nails to glue it back together and some caulk on the outside to seal it up. I’ll paint it when I paint the cat house.

I also found a big ant hill in another corner. So, I swept everything outside and then sprayed the p*ss out of the inside with ant spray.

Back inside, it was getting late. So, I started on dinner. I was going to make this for my Sunday supper, but it’s supposed to rain. So, today it is!

Now, as always, I cut this recipe down, but I’ll give you the original amounts:

I put two pounds of medium Yukon Gold potatoes in a pot with enough cold water to cover them two inches. I added some Kosher salt and brought it to a boil. Then I fast-simmered it (uncovered) for 10-12 minutes until tender (but not falling apart). I drained them and let them cool to room temperature.

Note: The potatoes can be boiled up to a day in advance, left whole and refrigerated until use.

Then I mixed 1/4 cup of freshly chopped rosemary (I have a ton), four large garlic cloves, peeled and finely sliced and 1/2 cup of extra virgin olive oil in a large bowl. I added a teaspoon of sea salt and stirred well until blended.

I cut the cooled potatoes into quarters and added them into the bowl. I carefully tossed them with my hands until well coated with the marinade. I let that stand at room temperature for 30 minutes.

I used half of a stick of softened butter and a handful of the blue cheese to make a compound butter.

I also seasoned the rib eye steak I had thawed out. Then I went out to fire up the charcoal starter chimney.

When the charcoal was ready, I cleaned the grate and oiled it. Then I carefully put the potatoes on, setting the bowl aside. When they got grill marks, I turned them over and continued the process until they had grill marks on all sides. When they were done, I put them back in the bowl and tossed them until they were well coated with the remaining marinade. They went into a “low” oven to keep warm.

I grilled the steak (perfectly, I might add) and then took it inside. I spread the compound butter on top and let it rest.

Finally, I plated the dish. I sprinkled a little more sea salt on the potatoes and dug in. Dinner was fantastic! I loved the grilled potatoes and the steak was excellent.

I cleaned the mess up inside. It was getting late, so I went out and moved the camera. I never heard it myself, but it must have made some kind of noise as the cat was looking directly at it. So, I put it over by the sail boat to trick him. I put the disk back in, checked the aim and then turned it on to video. I’ll bring it back in Monday morning before the lawn guys show up.

I never did get that nap, so it was an early evening for me.


  1. It was probably the flash that spooked him.

  2. The English garden is coming along nicely!