Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Return to Summer, Part II

The low was only 67 degrees overnight and it was already 70 by the time I left for work on Tuesday.

It was even more humid and was uncomfortable during my morning walk.

I went back up to the eye doctor in Farmington at lunch. I tried on a couple different styles of motorcycle glasses and finally picked one. The only change I made was to get them in black (my test ones were gray and I didn’t like that).

Afterward, I walked two doors down and ate lunch at the Basement Burger Bar. As the name suggests, it was a bar in a basement (you walk down stairs) that served gourmet burgers. You, in effect, build your own. First you pick out your protein: Ground beef, Bison, Turkey or Kobe beef. You can also choose a marinated chicken breast, but then it’s not really a burger, is it?

You can also choose a variety of toppings, but I went with a stock burger selection: a Mushroom Burger. I also stuck to regular ground beef. I did select the pretzel bun though (I like them). The sautéed mushrooms and the burger patty were topped with both Swiss and provolone cheese, pesto, spring mix and a tomato slice. Side choices were beer battered fried, crispy tater tots, sweet potatoes fries with cinnamon butter or a side salad.

I chose the beer battered fries but eschewed any toppings (like chili or cheese).

Everything was delicious!

It was too hot to walk outside in the afternoon, so I annoyed people by walking around in the air conditioned offices.

When I got home, I took in the trashcan and then treated Caley. I watched the news while I changed clothes.

Once the news ended at 7:00 p.m., I got busy outside, watering the container gardens and he mailbox garden.

They did cut the lawn today, so I put the game trail camera back outside. I ran through the aiming process and then turned it on auto.

Back inside, it was getting late and I was getting hungry. But, I damn sure didn’t want anything hot. So, I made a tuna fish sandwich and that hit the spot.

I fell asleep watching TV.

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