Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Return to Summer, Part I

It was already warm when I woke up for work on Monday. Because of the forecasted heat and humidity, this was our first official “ozone action” day here in Southeast Michigan.

Since my earlier sighting of the cat, I was anxious for daylight to check for sign. When it was light enough, I went out back. I could see where it had walked in the dew-covered grass, but was unable to find any distinct tracks. I went back inside and then left for work.

I had checked the Sandisk from the game camera in my computer (I have a SD card slot), but there was nothing there. I figured I was doing something wrong (it didn’t even show up as a drive) so I took it into work. The techs in back read it and it showed 28 photos of squirrels all in the daylight but no nighttime shots and no weird cat. I asked what I did wrong at home and they said I probably put it in backwards… Duh!

You could feel the oppressive air during my morning walk.

I went to Time Out and got my second favorite sandwich, a Rueben, with a cup of French onion soup. Then I drove to the car wash at Newburgh and Joy road and got the truck spiffed up.

The afternoon walk was even more uncomfortable. It was already 84 degrees outside.

When I went home at 5:00 p.m. the truck temperature showed 92 degrees, but according to the news, the official high was 86.

I took the garbage can and the Shark sweeper out to the road, then went inside and treated Caley.

I put the Scandisk into the game trail camera and went to put to back on the tree. That’s when I noticed my lawn was not cut. Was it the ozone action day? Did they forget? I dunno. But, there’s no way in hell, I’m gonna hang the camera back up and end up with 1500 photos of a lawn mower driving back and forth. Damn! I really, REALLY want to know what the hell that is!

Sidebar: I did google “exotic cats” and the closest I came up with was a serval. It’s got the height and the length, but the color’s all wrong. They are an African cat and sold here in the US. I actually knew somebody who bought on for a thousand dollars, but ended up selling it to somebody else when he learned he couldn’t train it to a litter box.

However, the color’s all wrong. They are spotted (with a coat that looks like a cheetah). On the other hand, it was dark out. But, when my neighbors spotted it, it was lying on the sidewalk with the south light full on it and they swore it was pitch black. I dunno… I guess it could be a serval whose parent mated with a domestic black cat.

I went out back and watered the raised bed herb garden. I checked the container gardens, both back and front, but I think they can go another day.

Back inside in the air conditioning, I watched the end of the news. Then I warmed up the other chicken Parmesan and remaining pasta. I ate another excellent dinner. I wish now I would have made all four chicken breasts into chicken Parmesan!

I watched ”The Punisher” again until Longmire came on. I watched Longmire until it ended and then I went to bed.

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