Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Rainy Days and Tuesdays

It was raining when I woke up Monday Tuesday morning and rained off and on until about 10:00 a.m.  Then the sun came out and it got super muggy.

Unlike Monday, it kept raining off and on all damn day. So, I didn’t drive up to Farmington at lunch as it was raining then. I went to O’Malley’s instead and got a mediocre Reuben sandwich.

It had stopped raining for a bit so I took my afternoon walk outside. The winds had really picked up and the temperature had dropped noticeably, so I assumed the cold front that brought all the rain had passed through.

I went to Wes’s house after work. Nobody was outside, so I rang the bell. I was glad I did as I was treated to a quick tour of the inside of that remarkable house. It’s all craftsman on the inside, too, with gorgeous wood built-ins, etc.

Finally we were in his garage (well, workshop). And I thought my garage was crammed with woodworking tools! I remarked, “Your garage looks like mine.” (It doesn’t. His was way worse.) His wife, who had just gotten home and was walking into the house through the garage, laughed and said, “What garage? I have no garage!”

Turns out he was a carpenter for years. They are in their forties, I’d guess, or maybe early fifties. Now he’s also a music teacher. His hobby is making replica parts or even whole pieces of antique furniture. He showed me a set of front legs for an occasional table that curved out and down to an eagle’s talon holding a ball. Beautiful.

Anyway, he said it was fun to make them, but he’s been unable to sell them except for the occasional buyer. One day, one of his music students challenged him to make a guitar. So, he did. Now he’s trying to build a side business making custom guitars.

Anyway, he gave me my turned down dowel and the rest he hadn’t touched and I gave him twenty bucks. I thanked him again and told him he had saved my butt. He said to let him know if he could help on any other projects.

I had left the damn phone in the car (so, no pictures of the inside of the house) but I did take one of the other houses he’s built. You can see why I said his house looks like it’s in the wrong place. 

When I finally got home, my Vega Echo Shorty 3 Snap Shield for Motorcycle Helmet (Smoke) was on the front porch. I pulled off the visor, snapped in the shield and then snapped the visor back on. I took a picture of the dowel and the helmet for you.

I took the dowel out in the garage and glued then nailed it in place.

I warmed up two pulled pork sandwiches and ate them with some chips and a pickle.

I watched NCIS and NCIS LA reruns.  As a snack, I warmed up two peaches and topped them with ice cream. Mmmm… Grilled peaches are the bomb!


  1. "He showed me a set of front legs for an occasional table"

    What does it do when it's not being a table?

  2. Well, it can either be a raft for gerbils or a very, very small back deck.