Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Mystery Cat Update

I didn’t have time to add this to the Blog entry this morning (I overslept), but here’s what happened Tuesday night.

If you remember, I watered the front container gardens and then went out back and watered those. Hot and sweaty and back inside, I made a tuna fish sandwich for dinner. Then I watched TV. About 10:00 p.m., I went downstairs to brush my teeth before going to bed. I glanced at the little window in the garage man-door and realized (to my horror) I had left the garage door opened hours ago.

P*ssed at myself for being careless (I’m not worried about the truck, the bike, or big items like the table saw. But, I have too many little, expensive things, like sanders and air guns, that one could easily grab and walk off with), I opened the door to push the garage-door button. Just then something big and black exploded off the hood of my truck and ran out the door!

It scared the sh*t out of me! And, I didn’t get a good look at it (the garage was dark), but I was like four feet from the sleeping “something.”

Now, as you know, I am obsessed with this damn cat (Hell, I spent a $100 bucks on the Game camera to photograph it). I was convinced it was a serval that somebody owned, couldn’t take care of and let it go wild. But, the color’s all wrong. Servals are spotted and look like a cheetah.

But, Jake pointed out there is something called a Savannah Cat (just recently recognized by whoever decides a cat breed is real) which is a cross between a serval and a domestic cat. They all still have a distinctive face and spots, but the black ones are black with darker black spots. And, that fits.

Another thing about Servals (and savannah cats) is their ability to jump amazingly high (a serval can jump to the top of a fridge, for example, from a seated position). And the truck hood on my 4x4 is at least a good 4-5 feet high. Caley (or even my main man Scruffy back in the day) could never make that leap. Neither could a raccoon, possum or a skunk. So, now I am thinking it’s a Savannah cat.

I did check the hood in the morning (worried about scratches) but there were none there (Whew!)

It had rained overnight and I had a muddy spot (left over from the Bobcat episode) by my gate. So, I went looking for new tracks and found some! So, I took a bunch of photos. This is the best.

But, two things made me think this was another critter. Both the size and shape is all wrong for a cat-like creature (and it is a cat-like creature). And, the mystery cat took off straight across the road.

So, I googled “Animal Tracks” and found this chart.

According to that, it was probably a raccoon or possum that walked though after the rain.

So, my best shot is a good photo from the game camera.

People at work who I told this story all wondered why it  seems to be so attached to my yard. Jake suggested it was the ghost of Scruffy, come back to haunt me. Bah! Scruffy was built like a furry tank. This creature is half again as tall, thin and smooth-haired. But, I think I know why. My yard is one of the few ones on the street that does not have either kids or dogs in it. And, the reflecting pool offers a handy drink of water.

It’s obviously not afraid of humans and/or it smells Caley and wants to get frisky.

Either way, I am determined to identify it and, if possible, tame it. We’ll see…


  1. Don't worry dad, I called Rich and he is own his way with the dogs. Turbo!

  2. Oh, no! His Jeep truck will put more ruts in the lawn!!!