Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Monday Moanin’

I woke up with the alarm after a restless night. It had rained overnight and was still sprinkling when I drove into work.

It did stop, though, but I walked through puddles at 10:00 a.m.

I went to O’Malley’s for lunch and had a patty melt and a cup of broccoli cheddar soup. Both were excellent.

For the afternoon walk, I walked over to Building 28 and got the largest box they use to ship molded parts. I am hoping the project will fit in it, but I dunno. Since it’s a birthday present, I need to wrap it. But wrapping it “as is” will totally give it away. Hence the big box!

After I got home, I started rounding up the garbage for tomorrow and then I checked the rain gauge. I forgot to do that on Sunday afternoon, but the total from yesterday morning and last night/this morning was just over 1/2-inch. There is another storm headed my way, though, so I don’t think that will be the overall total amount.

I found a present on my porch. It was a box that had a jar of Dusseldorf Style mustard (a product of Germany) that I’d been wanting to try but can’t find here and DVDs with eight episodes of “True Detective” starring Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson. Thanks, Carla!

Maybe it’s just me, but doesn’t that glass jar look strangely familiar? Something from my childhood, perhaps?

Anyway, I changed clothes and went out to the garage. It was 85 degrees F. and muggy today and the heat trapped in the garage was still there. It’s supposed to get unseasonably cooler the next few days, but I for one will welcome the change! I put on the last coat of polyurethane (barring any last minute drips). I cleaned up the mess, put the lid on the poly can and called it a night.

I warmed up some of the sloppy joe mixture I made on Sunday for weeknight meals. I ate that on an onion roll, with a pickle and some barbecue chips (I bought a small bag in the vending machine at work and brought it home).

I watched some taped TV until Longmire came on live. It had one of those cliffhanger endings. I’m glad this isn’t the season finale and I only have to wait one week to find out what happened or I would be p*ssed!

It still hadn’t rained again by the time I was going to bed, so I think this one missed me.

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