Monday, July 14, 2014

Late Sunday Supper...

I woke up at 5:00 a.m. on Sunday. I was a little annoyed at that as I wanted to sleep in (like, to 6:00 at least!) It had rained overnight, BTW.

So, I stripped the bed and started the weekend wash. Then I slowly did all my Sunday morning chores, while watching the news.

I thought about breakfast and then decided to treat myself. So, after I shaved, showered and got dressed, I drove in the next rain shower to Leda’s Coney Island and got my favorite. Damn, I wish I could make corned beef hash like this at home.

I walked across the parking lot to the Aco/Ace hardware (it had stopped raining). I bought three foam brushes for 59 cents each. When I went to put on the second coat of polyurethane last night, the “expensive” ($8.00+) brush I bought was stiff, even though I covered it with cling wrap so it wouldn’t dry out. Luckily I found another one I bought for something else but didn’t use. I only have one more coat to put on, but I understand that the cheap foam brushes are better for the final coat as it eliminates the chance for brush marks.

On the way back home, I stopped at Costco for more coffee and peanuts. I got home about 11:00 a.m. The rain had stopped, but the roads were still wet and the traffic had picked up. So, testing the face shield on the big thumper will have to wait for another day…


On the other hand, I could always put my helmet on, drive in the truck to I-275 and then get up to 70 mph. Then I could put the window down, stick my head out and see if I still tear up. Hmmm… Maybe I’ll wait…

I eventually learned that Mercedes and her boyfriend are busy today, so I don’t have to deliver the fridge. Of course, that means there’s a damn fridge in my garage for another week. L

So, I decided today would be dedicated solely to cleaning the house. It’s been too damn long since I did a thorough cleaning.

But, (there’s always a but, isn’t there?) my Shark sweeper quit working. I’m serious! There was cat hair that I rolled over, but it was still there afterwards. So, I took it all apart, put it back together and still nothing!  No matter how many times I tried! WTF?

So, (more than slightly p*ssed) I got out the Hoover vacuum, adjusted it to “bare floor” level and got all the crap in the house picked up. Then I filled up a bucket with Pine Sol and hot water and started cleaning the downstairs bath.

I took out the shower curtain to wash it (there was mold on it) and then used Scrubbing Bubbles to clean the pedestal sink and toilet. I put the shower chair on the patio (mold on the rubber feet) to wash later and then washed the tile floor.

I moved up to the kitchen and scrubbed the hell out of the floor. It needed it and later thanked me by shining. I think that’s how a kitchen floor smiles…

Of course, then I was locked into the bedroom, office, main bath and (by taking a giant step, the living room. But I had already taken out my dust mop and my can of Endust. So, I cleaned and shined all my wood floors, shaking out the mop when needed off the front porch.

Since I was rockin’ it old school, I put on the Paul Simon CD “Graceland” which I played even back in St. Clair to clean the house (you can call me Al).

Before I finished, the album ran out (I told you it was a while since I deep cleaned the house) so I turned on the radio to NPR and caught the Moth story telling hour. I listened to a fascinating story of a guy who was stabbed by five guys in New York City, went back to Montana and was then involved in a car crash.

I finally finished cleaning the house, so I took a break. I watched some DIY shows and then took a nap.

When I got back up, I went out and washed the shower chair. I took the wet shower curtain out of the wash machine and hung it back up. So, the downstairs bath is ready for the coming work week.

I was starting to make my supper side salad when I found that “something” had leaked in the fridge. It must have come from the top shelf, as it was on the shelf over the cheese drawer, a little less on the glass shelf and a small amount in the one salad drawer (which is how I spotted it). Dammit!

So, I spent the next couple of hours taking the fridge shelves and drawers out, washing them and washing the back and sides of the fridge. It was no big deal, just a pain in the butt.

So, instead of eating at, say, 5:00 p.m., it was almost 7:30 before I finally got my Sunday supper. I made a side salad. I was going to make my own blue cheese dressing, but by that time I no longer cared. So, I used bottled Ranch dressing and sprinkled blue cheese on top of it (it was surprisingly good, BTW). For my entrée. I boiled some Buitoni Wild Mushroom Agnolotti, drained it and served it with bottled Alfredo sauce. It was excellent but I ate too much. I think I was just really hungry by that time.

I thought about working out in the garage on the project for a bit, but my back hurt from bending inside the fridge. So, I took the rest of the night off.

I watched Mountain Man live, and two taped shows (one DIY, one cooking) and then went to bed.

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