Saturday, July 26, 2014

Mystery Cat Update!!!

I just checked the camera disk - 34 pictures since Tuesday night. I got a lot of squirrels, a couple birds and me (testing out the infrared camera at night). Then, I saw it! I got him!!! I wish the infrared was in color but it's got to be either a serval or a Savannah cat. You can't tell height from the photo, but he's at least 10 inches at the shoulder.


  1. That's freaky. Can you send pic to DNR for identification? Or will they just come and take him like those government guys in E.T.?

  2. That is a good idea. I still think I should get Rich Lewis and turbo on the case. They will chase that cat out of Redford and into the mountains. He's gonna jump...

  3. @ Jake: That's what I fear, government intervention!
    @ Carla: LOL! I think I will try and tame him, instead...