Saturday, July 5, 2014

The Fourth of July Story

I woke up on Friday and was immediately glad I hadn’t left the window open all night. It was 55 degrees outside and chilly inside. I wrote the Blog entry drinking hot coffee with a blanket over my lap!

I made some soft boiled eggs for breakfast. I watched the morning news and then finally shaved and showered (I was feeling lazy and it felt g-o-o-d, lol!)

About 9:30 a.m., I got suited up for a motorcycle ride and then headed out. It wasn’t until I got onto Inkster and got it up to speed that I realized I forgot my new goggles! Damn! Well, I thought, since my old glasses are wider than my broken new ones, the wind wouldn’t be so bad.


My original plan was to go up to Ford Road in Dearborn (the start of Hines Drive) and take it to the end (in Plymouth). But, my eyes tearing up kinda changed the plan. I did go to Ford Road, though.

Two things: The road surface east of Inkster is much worse that west. It’s a good thing I started out riding dirt bikes and was familiar with taking little jumps! It’s not just pot holes, but the road is cracked in a lot of places. Also, I think I once again annoyed the folks behind me by varying my speed. I’ll be glad when the break-in period is done!

Back heading west, blinking the tears away to I could see, I gave up when I got back to Inkster and headed home. I only put 15 miles on the bike today. But, it’s a three day weekend!

After treating Caley, I changed into my crocs for a quick errand run to CVS, the quarter car wash, Home Depot, and Kroger. At Kroger's I could not find molasses. I even asked, but I was misled. I finally found it next to maple syrup.

Back home, I returned a phone call, then changed clothes and got to work. I finally decided I apparently wasn’t going to buy a replacement bay leaf tree any time soon, so I took the big pot out. I figured I’d replant the only houseplant to have survived and put it in the rolling plant stand. So, I had bought a new pot for it. I got a plastic one since I shouldn’t lift a crock one that big. Anyway, I drilled out the bottom of the new pot for drainage. Then, using the dirt from the bay leaf tree pot, I replanted the houseplant.

I watered it and, once the water stopped coming out of the bottom, I put the new pot back inside on the stand and took some pictures for you.

Since I had the bucket out, I watered the container gardens in the front, too.

It was already after 2:00 p.m. so, after washing up, I took a nice long nap. As you know, I love naps. But somehow, they’ve gotten a bad rap over the years and have been relegated to the very young and the very old. I think all they need is a little marketing. Maybe changing the name to something more high-tech sounding, like “Horizontal Rebooting.”

When I woke up, I was hungry. So, I fixed two pulled pork sandwiches. This time I added some potato chips. I bought a bag at Kroger’s this morning.

I went out in the garage and filled in the 11 visible nail holes in the wood project. Of course, that meant I couldn’t work on it until the wood filler dried. So, I went back inside and watched the news until 7:00 p.m. (I kept forgetting it was a Friday, not a weekend, TV schedule).

Since it was the Fourth of July, I decided to watch Gary Cooper in “Sargent York” on TCM. What amazes me is that it’s a true story!

Then I tried to go to sleep. But, it looked and sounded like a war zone out there. Some of the fireworks were so loud they scared Caley and so bright they lit up the bedroom, though the mini-blinds!

Oh, I’m not sure just what happened to the party next door. Only one truck came. Rick shot off some fireworks out front, but there was no bonfire, no grilling and no karaoke! The party must have been cancelled or rescheduled as they usually have 20-30 people, starting in the pool in the afternoon and ending up with drunken singing in the wee hours of the morning.

I gave up trying to sleep and watched TV until the noise died down (about midnight). Then I went to bed.

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