Saturday, July 12, 2014

Finally Friday!

It was another perfect day on Friday, weather-wise. Cool enough to be enjoyable, but no rain.

I went to Time Out at lunch and had my usual Friday lunch, fish and chips. Even as an ex-Catholic, I still prefer meatless Fridays (at least at lunch).

Then I went to Lowe’s. I got a quart of polyurethane, a good brush to put it on with and some 7/16-inch thick, black, self-adhesive weather stripping.

Back at the house after work, I treated the cat and changed clothes. Then I went out in the garage. I rearranged things so the saw horses were further away from the motorcycle (I didn’t want to take any chances). Then I rigged up a clamp work light from the canoe rope. It’s easier to see drips or spots you missed with a bright light, you see.

Then I put the first coat of polyurethane on. I tried to keep it a light coat. Now it has to dry for 24 hours, get lightly sanded and then I can do the second coat.

I noticed that somebody in the townhouses across the street had put a small fridge out by the road. I walked over to find them to tell them that they are supposed to take the doors off. But I noticed a sign tapped on it that said “Free.” I thought about getting it and putting in the garage. But, my real fridge is rarely full, so what would be the point?

Then I remembered that Vicky had told me her friend Mercedes didn’t have a fridge. So, I got the cart and rolled it over to my garage. I plugged it in and turned it on. I took the thermometer out of my fridge and stuck it inside. If it works, I’ll run it over to her. If I remember correctly, her and her boyfriend live in Trenton.

Once everything was buttoned up, I went back inside and warmed up a brat. I cut it in half horizontally and put it on an onion roll with some Dijon mustard. Excellent!

I sat on the bed, watching TV, while I put the weather stripping on my face shield. It’s a preemptive strike to eliminate any wind. I put it on the shield so, if I do get the bike glasses, I won’t have to clean all the crap off of the helmet.

I was going to go to sleep early, but when I put my glasses on the nightstand, one of the lenses popped out of the new frame! Fortunately, the screw was still hanging on. But, try as I might (and I tried for over two hours) I could not get it back in place and tightened. Disgusted, I put everything in a glass case and now will have to take them back up to the eye doctor.

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