Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Boring Tuesday

Not much change in the temperature on Tuesday. Work was work and when I got home, it was lightly raining. I guess there will be no working outside as I had planned. I want to divide some hostas, which is why I bought the mulch.

But, they had come and cut the grass. So, I did go out and set the Game Trail camera up again.

I ate the rest of my chop suey and rice for dinner, then watched TV until bedtime.


  1. Exciting blog.....

  2. @ GPF: Hey, even Babe Ruth didn't hit a home run every time. It seems like I've been posting this damn Blog forever (Jake could probably tell you when it started) and I realized early on that some of the daily posts would be boring. So, I added i what I ate for lunch or what I made for dinner (for example). I can't help it if I don't live that exciting lifestyle you seem to have pictured! I'm just an old fart, getting by...

  3. re: "I'm just an old fart, getting by.." what's that make me a really old fart trying to get by?

  4. Will be ten years next December. Don't discourage the fart! Be a fart muse.

  5. @ Jake and GPF: I checked the stats and I found I've done 7,291 posts with 104,105 views since we started. I think that gives me the leeway for a boring post now and then...

    I ain't that fncking interesting, Bro,