Friday, July 11, 2014

Another Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

It was another gorgeous day on Thursday: not too hot, with low humidity. Oh, there were more clouds than sun, but all in all, pure Michigan.

My glass frames came in so I headed up to Farmington at lunch. Since one of our Manufacturing building is close to there, I called my friend Joyce up and asked her to meet me for lunch. We ate at J.C. Cowley’s Irish Pub. We chatted through lunch, catching up. I haven’t seen her in probably five years, so catching up took some time.

After lunch, I walked down the street to my eye doctor. While the one lady was putting my lenses in the new frames, I went over their options for some bike glasses. I picked out two that seemed like they might work. They are going to order them and let me know when they come in so I can try them on. If I like one of them, I’ll have them fitted with my correct prescription.

Back at work the afternoon seemed to fly by. I guess taking a two hour lunch has it benefits besides meeting old friends and getting your glasses repaired.

Once I was home after work, I went out back to check on the vegetable gardens. Now, I have been snacking on the raw peas, but they seemed to have gotten ahead of me! Also, I had a handful of green beans that were ready. So, I picked them and took them in the house to process.

I left the peas in the fridge for snacks. But, I steamed the green beans in my Tupperware microwave steamer (handy little gadget, BTW) and then stuck them in a baggie when they cooled. The baggie was labeled and went in the freezer to await more harvests.

Next I went out in the garage to check on the project. I blew it, BTW. I should have stained a test board first. Why? Because I don’t like the way it looks. I used Walnut and it’s too dark and cold looking. Luckily, I only stained the bottom.

So, I sanded off the stain (pain in the *ss and you can’t get it all). I mixed the Walnut with some Colonial maple (about half and half) and test stained a board. Much better. The red in the maple gave it more “warmth” or something.

So, then I stained the whole thing. It was after 8:00 p.m. when I came in. So, I washed up, warmed up the last of the sauerkraut, potatoes and kielbasa and at dinner. I watched a little TV, but went to bed early.


  1. re: Tupperware microwave steamer where do you get tupperware?

  2. The woman who sits next to me at work sells it. She's the one I got all those containers (for my flour, sugar, etc.) from as well.The steamer works great, by the way. Its got two inner parts, so you can steam say chicken or fish as well as a side vegetable.