Friday, July 25, 2014

And then it was Thursday…

It was chilly again when I woke up on Thursday morning.

I walked outside both in the morning and the afternoon, reveling in the cool, crisp air.

I went to Time Out lunch and got a cheese burger (excellent) with German Potato Salad soup with pasta (questionable). I got the feeling the Bob (the soup wizard) had a lot of his German Potato Salad soup (which was excellent) left over and added tri-colored pasta to it to get rid of it. It didn’t come off that well.

Back at home after work, I found the box on the porch with my saddle bag guards in it. Hurray!

But there were no instructions in the box. And, try as I might, I had still ended up with NO idea how they attached. So, I sent an email back, asking for installation instructions.

I spent the rest of the evening spraying Roundup on the driveway. I finally got it all done, and the only cost was to both my poor hands. But, it was done and now (I hope) I can just sit on the porch watching the grass and weeds die (if you listen close you can hear their little screams). I threw the last of the jug into the trash.

Speaking of dying, my grass is getting crunchy. We are officially down over an inch of rain in July, here in the 313.

Back inside, Jeopardy was on, so it was after 7:30 p.m.

I got out the Tupperware steamer and (finally) processed the second picking of green beans. Then I cut up the two heads of cauliflower I never used. I had to do it twice, but I got all the cauliflower steamed as well.

So, I ate steamed cauliflower for dinner. It was delicious! When cool, the rest went into the fridge while the green beans went into the freezer.

I looked at the TV menu, but decided to read until bed time instead.


  1. I looked at the picture (before reading anything) and said...of Shit, John broke his glasses again!!
    Why don't you just google for insructions?


  2. @GPF: Jake did that for me. I still don't get it. There is no place (to my way of thinking) to attached the bracket with the two holes. I'm stumped!

  3. That was very funny, GreatPapaFish.