Wednesday, June 11, 2014


Tuesday was overcast and muggy. I took the trash can out to the road before I left for work.

I had gotten a flyer that Jos. A Banks was having one of their “Buy One, Get Two Free” sales, today only, so I went up the Laurel Park Place Mall at lunchtime. I ended up getting 6 pairs of pants. The ones I have now are about two years old and are getting raggedy on the bottoms of the cuffs.

One the way back down 6 Mile Road, I saw that the old Big Boy was still open! First one I’ve seen in a while, so I ate lunch there. I had my favorite Big Boy dinner, veal Parmesan with a side of spaghetti, Caesar salad and garlic bread.

It felt like rain on the way back, so I left my windows closed. It hadn’t rained by my 3:00 p.m. walk, but the wind had really picked up.

It was 81 degrees F. in Redford on the way home. When I got there, I retrieved the trashcan, grabbed my mail and took my new pants inside. I found Caley had barfed on the bed (again). So, I changed clothes, sprayed the bed spread after picking up her hairball and started the laundry.

I had planned on giving the monk another coat of paint, but the wind was too strong. So, instead I watered the porch rail planter and the new grass seed and called it good.

Back inside, I watched the news until 7:00 p.m. I made the bed back up. Then I started some water boiling in my pasta pot. I have a lot of barbequed meat left but no sides. So, I made another pasta salad. I would have taken a photo for you, but I only had plain (not tri-colored) rotini. So, it was a little boring looking. But, it tasted good!

I ate that with some brats and Dijon mustard while I watched “The Hunt.” This must have been made by the creators of “Mountain Man” as it follows the same format: Taking you back and forth from place to place for short story segments. I liked it!

Then I went to bed.

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