Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Then there was Tuesday

By Tuesday morning, the winds had died down a bit, so I took the trashcan out (again). I took it out Monday after work, but saw it had blown over within the hour.

Today’s weather was much nicer, with a lower temps and less humid.

I had to go to CVS (by the house) to get a prescription I was out of, so I drove there at lunch and then drove back to work. I stopped at Jimmy Johns on the way back and got a turkey sandwich with cheese. I was very pleased to see that you can once again get them with sprouts (although they are optional and you have to ask), so I did. I ate it at work and it was excellent.

Once I got home, I changed clothes and got to work. When I had to go out in the rain Monday evening to shut off the hose, I noticed the rain was pouring down over the gutter above the back door. So, I checked today and found the winter debris had filled up the top of the gutter guard and a tree was growing!

So, I cleaned it out. I checked all the other corners and found the same condition out in front over the garage.

Back inside, I cooked some wide egg noodles and warmed up the last of the Swedish meatballs. Delicious.

I watched some TV but turned in about 10:00 p.m.


  1. So did you clean out your gutter? That's exactly where Mine backs up, Right now, the foam is full of the whirly's (helicopters)

  2. Well, not the entire gutter. I had my "mule skin" gloves on and I dragged the crap off the roof, then scraped the gutter down to the sponge. I am beginning to believe this was (when I checked it out) the cheapest solution, but not necessarily the best. :(