Friday, June 13, 2014

Then it was Thursday…

(is it just me or is this year flying by?)

As I said in my last post, I was extremely sleep deprived on Thursday. But, I coped with extreme amounts of coffee to make it through the day.

I went to Time Out at lunch and got a Rueben sandwich. They were packed (odd for a Thursday) so I just left the money on the table without getting a bill.

When I drove back to work, there were ominous clouds (I mean like scary black) in the north, but it never did rain here. But, I bet somebody in Oakland or Macomb County got dumped on.

When I got home and treated Caley, I went outside to take a picture of the “clematis” for my brother, Carl. This was the picture I was waiting for.

Then I walked the front yard. I saw the heavy rain had knocked the sh*t out of my peonies. Oh, well, they were beautiful while they lasted.

I walked out back to see how the herbs were coming. Looking good!

Finally, I walked back to the veggie garden. The beans and the peas are coming in strong and everything else seemed healthy.

Back inside, it was 7:30 p.m., so I watched Jeopardy.  Then I fixed dinner: brats and pasta salad.

I started watching “Reservoir Dogs” but turned it off when I got tired. Then I went to bed.


  1. Clematis is very nice, and yes, all of my peonies are on the ground (even with Cages.) by the way, how is the Shaolin monk?

  2. @ GPF: Both my peonies had rings. Didn't help. I gave the young Shaolin monk his second coat Thursday night (forgot to write that down). I again let him sit out overnight and took him inside Friday morning. The gorilla glue is covered and his psoriasis gone. But, as I said, the paint is for indoors (it is pretty cool though, if you want "something" to look like stone. So, do I cover him with polyurethane (which degrades in sunlight) or leave him be? I dunno. I do know he takes up an 18-inch circle, so I thought I'd set him on patio pavers instead of the bare earth he's sat on (and disintegrated on) the last 10 years. Please note: I have searched the entire Internet and can't find a replacement, and I am fond of the little dude.

  3. BTW, if you could see in the photos, the clematis has LOTS more buds. This may be the best year yet!