Monday, June 9, 2014

Rainy Days and Sundays...

I woke up at the usual time on Sunday morning. I grabbed a cup of coffee and finished the rather lengthy Blog entry. Then I made myself three soft-boiled eggs for breakfast. Have I ever mentioned I love soft-boiled eggs?

Now, as late as 6:00 p.m. Saturday night, they were saying there was a “chance” of “occasional” rain later Sunday morning. So, I was hoping to get in a bike ride today before the rain. Jake says Sunday mornings are the lightest traffic days for a bike ride. But, they changed the forecast on me and said steady rain most of the morning, starting around 8:00 a.m. Well, damn!

So, I switched gears and starting cleaning the house. I did it all (like the good old days) including two loads of weekend wash. I finished up just after noon. It was still sprinkling, but I backed the truck out of the garage so I could get some room to work.

First order of business was to try and fix the young Shaolin monk. I had checked it out and it seems that the “original” Gorilla glue can be used on clay pots. So, I followed the instructions and wet both bonding surfaces. I tried to use the glue sparingly as they say it expands. You need to clamp it, but I figured the weight of the rest of the statue would suffice.

When I checked it two hours later, I saw they weren’t kidding about the glue expanding!

Then I started work on a new wood project. I have no plan and am making this up, but I think I made good progress.

It stopped raining about 1:00 p.m. and the sun came out 30 minutes later. Then the mosquitoes came out! Yikes! They are vicious this year!!!

I put away the tools and swept out the garage, dumping the sawdust in the vacant lot next door. Then I pulled the truck back in.

I noticed that the one end of the gutter over the porch (the furthest away from the downspout) was dripping. It looked like it was lower than it should be. So, I got a 7-inch gutter spike and the inside spacer. I climbed up the stepladder, raised the gutter to where it should be and nailed it up. I really should replace these front gutters, but they “sorta” work and new ones are expensive!

I noticed that the wisteria in front is starting to bloom. I quit at 2:30 p.m. and came in to rest my legs.

I went out to start the charcoal in the state park grill and saw I picked up over 1/2-inch of rain this morning. That should help the gardens! When the charcoal was ready, I grilled sweetcorn, a package of brats, the onion sausage and the steak.

When I was waiting, I sat in my new chair and watched the clouds moved past the pine trees at the north end of the house.

When everything was ready, I ate my Sunday supper of sweet corn and half of the steak. I must admit, the steak was pretty good.

I spent some time cleaning up and getting things ready for the upcoming week. Then I watched Mountain Man. I went to bed, but I taped the new show “The Hunt” which came on next to check it out.


  1. Looks yummy! Stay calm and grill on.

  2. It does look good and I like your gear pun.

  3. " I noticed that the wisteria in front is starting to bloom " Pictures please.

  4. @ Carla: Lord knows I try...
    @ Jake: I wondered if anybody would catch that! I thought it might be too subtle.
    @ GPF: I'll take a picture or two for you, but there are probably a 100 buds and only three blooms.