Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Monday, Monday

It had been a beautiful weekend, but was noticeably more humid on Monday. We had brief showers off and on all day, which only made it worse.

I had to go to Lowe’s at lunch, so I ate at Newburgh Grill. I had a cup of beef vegetable soup and a grilled ham and cheese sandwich. At Lowe’s, I bought two furnace filters (my furnace takes two).

There was a longer shower just before going home (of course).

When I got there, I treated Caley and changed clothes. Then I shut off the air conditioner and switched out the filters. I was supposed to do this June 1, according to the calendar, but kept forgetting to buy them.

It was steamy outside, so I decided to give it a rest and took the night off. 

I did go out to take a photo of the wild garden. Sunday, when I was walking from the vegetable garden to the shed, I passed by the west side of the garden (I rarely walk that way). I was shocked to see a large, round area where the lilies of the valley and ferns were flattened. “Something” big (maybe a cat as big as a dog?) had been lying down in there. Trust me, this was not my neighbor’s Puggle!

I took the photo, but after a day and a half, the outline was not as pronounced.

The legend lives on…

Back inside, I made the last BLT for my dinner. I watched the news and then taped TV shows until bedtime.


  1. Time to get Rich Lewis on the case!

  2. LOL! I actually started to look for tracks. But the rain and the fact that they cut the lawn Monday had wiped any out.

  3. Shit! I didn't think of that...