Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Monday Moanin’

fddvrt5fffI woke up an hour before the alarm went off and could not fall back asleep. This didn’t bode well.

It was overcast, but warm with a nice breeze during my morning walk.

I had to go to the credit union at lunch so, on the way back, I stopped and got the usual at Ten Yen for lunch. Everything was excellent (as it always is) until I opened my fortune cookie. It read: “The older the crab, the tougher his claw.”

I think I was just insulted by some Chinese fortune cookie maker!!

The afternoon walk was noticeably sunnier, hotter and muggier. Not pleasant at all.

Back home, I treated Caley and changed clothes. I watched the news until they started repeating the main stories. BTW, the high today here was 80 degrees F. Then I went out to the garage.

Now the main goal tonight is to restore the young Shaolin monk. So, I set him on a square of plywood and bushed off his flakiness with a wire brush. Then I got one of the two spray cans I bought: Rust-oleum American accents Stone.

Sidebar: The only real worry I have it that is specifically made for inside projects. I’ll have to figure this out and deal with it. But it’s the only product I could come up with that imitated his original look.

The other problem as he was covered in dark gray and the only paint that came close was brown. But, I sprayed him up.

I had 15 minutes before I could re-spray him, so I moved onto the motorcycle front license plate project. I put the bike on the center stand (not easy if you’re a crip) and then went and dug out the old floor jack. That was easy, but not finding the handle, LOL!

But I finally found it and, using a 2x6 chunk of wood, supported it at the front of the engine. I stopped there, knowing time was waning.

As requested, I took some photos of the front wisteria for my Brother Carl. But there are TONS of blossoms and like five blooms (which is why I didn’t take a photo yesterday).

My roses are starting to bloom as well. I took a picture of my favorite, a yellow one I planted for my sister, Anne.

I wondered (after his comment) what was happening with the wisteria in back. So, I checked and found just one bloom (but that’s understandable as it doesn’t get the sunlight the one in front does. So, I will wait on photos of that one.

But, back in front, I sprayed my little monk with another coating of the “stone” paint. Now, what to do with him? I decided to leave him out there overnight. Why would anybody want to steal my young monk?

Back inside, it was getting late and I was getting hungry. So, I warmed up the sweet corn and the rest of the steak and had delicious dinner.

I got ready for bed and started watching a taped show, knowing I would fall aslepp before it finished. I did.


  1. Your "wisteria" sure looks like a clematis to me . . . .but what else would I expect from an Old Crab with a tough Claw!!!

  2. Okay, okay... My bad. I called it the wrong thing...

  3. BTW, I missed it when I posted, but Caley strolled across the keyboard when I began writing this.