Thursday, June 26, 2014

Hump Day

It was foggy on Wednesday morning here in Redford. Oh, not the socked-in fog like we used to get up in St. Clair, but more like a low, drizzly cloud.

I had to go to the Meijer’s in Westland at lunch, so I treated myself and went to Famous Dave’s. I got their burnt ends sandwich with a “side” (LOL) of potato salad. The sandwich was fantastic, but for the price I thought I’d get more than two spoonful of potato salad!

Next I went to Meijer’s and finally found some Hormel Hot chili. I picked up three cans for my pantry.

After work, I treated Caley and changed clothes. I started the Wednesday wash and then watered all the container gardens. When I finished, I went out in the garage. I got back to my wood project, this time both carving and sanding. When I got tired, I blew the sawdust off my clothes and came inside. I went straight into the shower to get the sweat and sawdust off.

When I went upstairs, it was 7:30 p.m., so I warmed up the rest of the steak and two ears of roasted corn for my supper.

I watched a 1945 movie, “Dillinger” on TCM. Next I watched a taped DIY show and then went to bed.

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