Friday, May 23, 2014


It was cooler on Thursday morning. The cold front had moved in last night and you could feel it. But the thunderstorms never showed up here.

I walked outside in the brisk air and it felt good.

I went to Ten Yen and got the usual for lunch. Afterwards, since its not supposed to rain until at least Monday night, I went and got the truck washed.

When I got home, I changed clothes (this time into long pants) and then went out front. I cut the front lawn with the push mower. Then I shut the garage door and took it out back. This time I cut all around the perimeter of the back yard, in all the places the tractor cannot reach. I ran out of gas about halfway round and took the long walk back to get more.

When I finished up, I got the blower and first blew off the back patio. Then I went out front and did the sidewalk, the garage apron and the front porch. The damn maple seeds (or helicopters as I like to call them) are everywhere now.

I noticed the iris on the south side of the garage are blooming. These particular iris where here when I moved in.

I also noticed another victim of our brutal winter: The only herbs that seem to be growing in the raised box are the sage. Nothing (yet, maybe) to be seen of the thyme, basil or flat leaf parsley. Damn!

I buttoned everything up and went in for the night. It was 7:45 p.m. I used more of the sweet Vidalia onion and made a toasted tuna fish sandwich. I ate that with more chips and yet another pickle.

I watched another Sherlock episode on Netflix and then went to bed.

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