Monday, May 19, 2014

Working on Sunday

I woke up early again on Sunday. I filled in the Blog entry and then made breakfast: scrambled eggs with chives and toast. I had to move the pine nuts to get out the eggs and then it hit me! Why not toast some and add them to the pasta salad? So, I toasted them in the little non-stick skillet and then set them aside to cool while I made my eggs.

It was cold out (in the 30’s) but the sun finally rose. And, with it my hopes for completing some outdoor projects this weekend. I was going over my recipes for the upcoming week and realized I still needed a few things. Plus, it doesn’t look like any frost this coming week, so maybe it’s time to plant my few flowers and veggies.

So, after finishing the Sunday morning chores, I shaved, showered and got dressed. Then I headed out. First stop was Home Depot where I got the flowers and veggies for this year.

Next was Westborn, for some smoked gouda, dinner rolls and regular grits (I only have instant). They, of course, had the cheese and the dinner rolls (I got focaccia) but only had instant grits. Dammit!

Since I had to go back to Beech Daly anyway, I went up to the Spartan store (Six Mile and Inkster). Luckily they did have regular grits. I bought them and headed home. I got there just after 10:30 a.m.

I changed clothes and started the last load of weekend wash. I went out to finish up the front yard. I planted the porch rail planter and blew off the spilled dirt from the porch. Then I watered it.

Next I used the push mower to cut the side lawn. Finally, I wanted to use the string trimmer to clean up the edges of the yard. BUT I COULDN’T FIND IT!!!

WTF? Seriously, this was a problem. So, I rechecked the garage and then the shed. Nope! Why would anybody take it when the special battery is on the charger in the back room? I dunno… but, I can’t find it…

Now, I noticed that a hosta was completely covering my gargoyle drain spout. So, I cut it in half and moved that half of it to the tree garden.

I had two tulips come up this year near the gargoyle, BTW.

I was still pissed about the line trimmer, but moved on. I cut the back grass next to the patios with the push mower. I pushed the mower up front and then drained the oil out of it.

The old guy with his tractor and the bush hog was cutting the vacant lot next door, so I waved to him. I noticed the hostas in the garden were coming up and coming up BIG!

I stopped and took a moment to plant the kitchen window box. I put three impatiens and two vinca vines in it. If you remember, there is a gauge in this box to show how full the water is. I was using a bucket and a cup to fill it and it took forever.


Next, I worked up the soil in the raised bed vegetable garden. Then I planted some Roma tomatoes, eggplant, red and green bell peppers, cucumbers and yellow crook neck squash. I thought I had some green bean seeds but I didn’t. So, I will have to buy them.

It was getting late, so I quit working in the yard and lit some charcoal. I grilled a steak, two thick slices of Vidalia onion and eight mini-burgers (to eat on the focaccia dinner rolls during the week).

While the steak rested, I sautéed a box of mushrooms I sliced up. So, for my Sunday supper, I had half of the steak, a slice of grilled onion and some of the mushrooms. Excellent.

I watched a little TV but went to bed early. I was beat!

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