Saturday, May 24, 2014

Finally Friday!

Friday’s weather was a repeat of Thursday: High of 67 degrees F., sunny, and a nice breeze.

I went to Time Out and ate a Rueben sandwich for lunch. Then I went to Lowe’s.

Background: I have had those old green PVC patio chairs, foot stools and tables for years. They are sun-faded and you can’t clean them, no matter how much you scrub. So, I decided to paint them. But then I started thinking about how many spray cans I would need. In the end, I decided it would be cheaper just to buy some new ones. I had seen some inexpensive ones at Lowe’s.

I bought three chairs and a table. I loaded them in the back of the truck and used a bungie cord to secure them. Then I headed back to work.

The afternoon passed slowly, as only a Friday-payday before a three-day weekend does. But finally I headed home.

I took the chairs out of the truck, stripped off the protective padding and set them and the table up on the patio. That’s when it hit me! I should have bought two tables. I knew I no longer wanted two chairs under the kitchen window (it always made watering the window box a pain and I’m the only one who sat there) but I should have bought another table. Oh well, I’ll pick one up next week. Speaking of watering the window box, I did.

Then I opened the shed, pushed the button on Billy Bass (like I always do) and NOTHING HAPPENED. So, I took him down, replaced the four “C” batteries and tried it again. This time he sang.

So, tradition served, I got out the tractor and cut the back lawn. That completed, I put the mower away.

I sprinkled some fertilizer in between the vegetable garden rows and worked it in with the garden weasel. Then I laid out the drip hose. I dragged the water hose out to the garden, hooked it up to the drip hose and turned it on. I checked and made a few minor adjustments to the hose pattern. 

I put everything away, locked the shed and went in for the night. It was 8:20 p.m.

I warmed up the last two mini burgers. I was tired of chips, so I heated up a can of Bush’s grillin’ beans. I ate dinner watching some taped shows, but went to bed just before 10:00 p.m.

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