Saturday, March 1, 2014

Onion on Onion

It was 1 degrees F. when I woke up on Friday. The all-time record low in Detroit for February 28 is -1 and the weatherman said the temps were falling.

Sidebar: I found out later that some suburbs and outlying counties went down to -6 or even -9 degrees. But, Detroit only dropped to 0, so we didn’t break the record. The high is supposed to be 17 here. By contrast, the average temperature for today is 35 degrees F.

I woke up a tad early, so I decided to make breakfast (I am getting tired of instant oatmeal). So, I toasted two slices of bread, fried an egg (with the yolk broke) and then topped that with a slice of American cheese. I put some mayonnaise on the toast and ate a very satisfying egg sandwich.

But, that took more time than I thought, so I hustled through the rest of my morning routine. I remembered to turn on the radio when I checked that the front door was locked. Then I left.

It wasn’t until I got to work that I discovered I had forgotten my belt! Not that I am that fashion-conscious, I just don’t have a butt and feared my pants might fall down!

It was still damn cold at lunch, so I went to Time Out and got a Reuben sandwich, no fries. Their sandwiches are big enough to make a meal.

The afternoon passed slowly (after all, it was Friday and payday) but it did eventually pass.

I got home, treated Caley, turned off the radio and went to change clothes. I started working on the computer (It’s Friday and pay day, so that means paying bills, balancing the check register, creating the shopping list, updating the ToDo list, etc.).

I was about halfway through when Jake called. We chatted for a while, mostly about each others work. Okay, I admit, his work is more interesting. But I can talk about mine without having to explain who each person is. He already knows!!

After we hung up, I finished up on the computer and then went to make dinner. When I was rearranging the fridge freezer, I found a whole bag of frozen onion rings. So, I preheated the oven to 450 degrees.

Meanwhile I heated some canola oil to smoking in my cast iron frying pan. I cut a rope of onion sausage that I had thawed into five pieces.

I put a single layer of onion rings on a jelly roll pan (Carla told me a long time ago that a jelly roll pan was not only nice and heavy, but it was the perfect size for one or two servings). I popped that into the preheated oven and set the timer for seven minutes.

Then I seared the onion sausage on all sides. I used my splatter screen, but still managed to trash my stove top. Then I turned the sausage down to medium-low.

When the timer went off, I pulled out the onion rings and turned each one over. Then I stuck them back in the oven for seven minutes more.

Sidebar: It wasn’t until I thawed out the onion sausage yesterday that it dawned on me: I had planned on taking a package of the onion sausage to my brother Carl when I took back his bar stool seat and totally forgot! Sorry, Bro!

I took out the rings and seasoned them with fine sea salt. I put the onion sausage onto paper towel to drain. Finally, I plated everything and added a dollop of Dijon mustard.

I ate that watching TV and it was delicious (my dinner, not the TV). I must admit that baked onion rings are not as tasty as fried, and frozen is nowhere near as delicous as fresh, but they were a nice side.

One of my favorite series, “The Vikings,” had finally come back on the History channel. To celebrate, they had showed every episode of last season, leading up to the new episode and I taped all of them.

So, tonight I did a Viking marathon. I didn’t get to the new season, but I got four episodes in (fast forwarding through commercials) before I got too sleepy. I went to bed just after midnight.

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