Saturday, March 8, 2014

Finally Friday!

It was only 14 degrees F. here in Redford when I woke up on Friday, but the weatherman promised a high near 40!

At lunchtime, I went to Time Out and ate a mushroom and Swiss burger. After learning they didn’t stock Dijon mustard a while back, I brought some in. So, today, I asked Tanya to get it for me and she did. How can you eat a mushroom and Swiss burger without Dijon mustard?

After that, I drove to our Building 50, where the Trim Shop is. I took in the Harley motorcycle seat my friend Stephanie dropped off yesterday. She wants it recovered, but without the studded skirt and I told her our guys could do it right.

Sidebar: I hope to God they do! It’s not pretty to have a biker babe pissed at you!

The afternoon passed slowly, as all Friday afternoons do…

Finally, it was 5:00 p.m. and I was headed home. I treated Caley and changed clothes. I had a cup of coffee (hey, it’s Friday, right?) instead of my usual juice or buttermilk and regretted it later.

I went to work on the computer, filling out the ToDo list, making a grocery list, etc., while listening to the local news. I finished computing just before the Nightly News.

After the news ended, I warmed up the last of the meatloaf and half of the other baked potato. I ate that for dinner watching some taped DIY shows.

I joined the Red Wings game in progress and watched it to the end. It was okay, and we won 6-3, but it wasn’t as exciting as a close game, you know?

I watched one more taped show, The Hollywood Game Night. Note: I’m not really sure why I like it, but I do. Then I went to bed…

An hour later, I gave up and got back up. I watched the Tonight Show and then tried it again. I finally fell asleep after lying there for what seemed forever.

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