Friday, February 21, 2014


I woke up to the alarm on Thursday morning. We were supposed to get a wild mix of weather today. It was supposed to start around 10:00 a.m. as freezing rain, then switch to all rain with possible thunderstorms, naturally with heavy flooding from both the rain and the melting snow. Finally, we have a wind advisory starting at midnight and lasting through all day Friday.

Well, 10:00 a.m. came and went without anything. But, about 11:00 a.m. it started to snow! Where the hell did that come from?

We picked up a good inch of snow. Then, of course, the freezing rain started just before lunch.

I left down I-96, heading for Home Depot and CVS. Nobody (including me) went over 40 mph. I got off and got what I needed from Home Depot. Then I slip-slided away to CVS to pick up two prescriptions. Since I was there anyway, I popped in next door and ordered some chicken fried rice.

Sidebar: If you think driving in that crap was tricky, you should have tried walking from the parking lots to the stores! I was scared shitless!

I finally got home and hung my jacket up to dry. I wolfed down some chicken fried rice and headed back to work down Plymouth Road with my raincoat on. By now it was just rain, but the ponding on the roads was incredible. Every car and truck that rode in the inside lane (next to the sidewalk) threw up blinding sheets of water spray.

After work and on the way back home, down I-96, the ice was gone, but the spray was still there. I eventually got home. I left the truck outside and swept the melted snow and rainwater out of the garage first. Then I pulled the truck in.

I treated cats, changed clothes and watched the news until 7:00 p.m. Then I went and cut the new copper pipes I will need. I cleaned out the insides of the pieces and decided that was enough for the night.

I warmed up the rest of the chicken fried rice for my supper. I had followed the Olympics when I could at work, so I already knew the US women’s hockey team lost (just barely) to Canada in overtime (Dammit, CC!) and the results of the women’s figure skating (Russia won for the first time, ever). So, I decided to watch normal TV for a change.

I watched two taped episodes of the new Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and then switched to PBS and watched “Murder on the Home Front,” a BBC show about a 1940 murderer in London during the Blitz. It was excellent. When it ended, I went to bed.

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